AR & VR Technology Changing The Way We Shop Online

Here is my pitch presentation, please note I have included the closed captions feature should you require it.


I want to create a series of 3 video essays that discuss the short/medium-term future of online shopping, paying particular attention to AR and VR technologies being used in the industry, making predictions for this industries future, taking into account Covid-19’s effect on the industry.

My project also complies with the concepts of FIST:

Fast – I enjoy working with videos as a medium and these videos are intended to be short and to the point, so this should be time-efficient.

Inexpensive – All materials being used are free.

Simple & Tiny– I am not going over board trying to make a documentary but rather simply 3 short youtube videos.

Project Timeline

Here I have my project timeline, where I have broken down the task into achievable steps for each week. I have taken into account my need for feedback when creating this timeline, which is why the video releases are staggered to allow ample time to receive and adapt to feedback.

Background Research

I have already begun my initial background research and found some examples I will use, though I have already touched on these in my video, so I will just mention here some important things I have found in some of my other sources.

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality technology has the power to transform the shopping experience and retails are only just breaking the surface of this technologies potential in the industry (Morgan, 2018).
  • “…they’re both essentially real-world experiences that have been digitally replicated. The two complement each other well, which means as an eCommerce retailer you could see some major benefits in using VR…” (Linnworks, 2018).
  • ASOS is using AR technology to digitally map models as an alternative to in-person photoshoots, the aim being to give customers a simulated view of the items on various models of different body types (Matera, 2020).

Pitch Slides

Here are my slides from my pitch presentation:


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10 thoughts on “AR & VR Technology Changing The Way We Shop Online

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  1. Hi Alicia!

    I was first drawn to your Pitch as I am looking similarly into the Future of Retail with the threats of online shopping due to technology advancements. I found this to be useful in seeing the different sides to online shopping in terms of AR and VR technology a concept I hadn’t looked into. Your pitch from start to end is loaded with information, an abundance of sources, and a great use of overall examples and video clips. The pitch video was very engaging and you grasp the sense you have already completed an immense amount of background knowledge which makes your entire project super clear from the get go.

    The companies you plan on using like IKEA, Sephora, Amazon are very well-known which I think you will find viewers have already had experience with which will strengthen the ability for your DA to connect with them. You provided as I said a sustained use of sources of your own findings and lecture materials which made your Pitch factual and reliable when stating reasons why you wish to investigate this topic.

    Feedback :

    – I understand you had so much to unpack in the first pitch, however I found you spoke very quickly which took me a few times to play back over to capture what you were saying, just something to keep in mind for your video essays.
    – Your intended audience you said were industry professionals and why that was, however in the feedback loop and methodology it wasn’t stated as to where these videos will be placed and how your targeted audience will access them.

    Recommendations :
    – Maybe conducting an interview or two whom may not be industry professionals but frequent online shoppers to get a primary source into their shopping experiences with AR and VR technology. What do they prefer? Do they even shop in those retailers anymore or is online easier? What is their own future of shopping online when it comes to these technologies continuing to advance?

    As you display a wide range of sources it was hard to find one that you may not have already looked at, but here’s hoping this one is of use to you. It is a Harvard Business article about how AR is redefining retail in the Pandemic. As you stated in your contextual blog post for your pitch that you wanted to take into account COVID-19’s effect on the industry, so I thought this would compliment the AR aspect of that. It mentions Sephora and how beauty retailers prohibited the physical testing of makeup products, so they were made to turn to AR technology to assist customers digitally. Here is the link :

    Great topic, and good luck with it all!


  2. Hi Alicia, really great job on your pitch and DA project! Virtual reality and augmented reality are both interesting topics, but the fact that you will be bringing these two forms of technology together and discussing them in terms of shopping is so interesting. In terms of augmented reality and virtual reality, I can definitely see how interesting these topics can be. For one of my digital artefacts this semester, I did a game analysis on Pokemon Go. I never really experienced an augmented reality or virtual reality till I started understanding and playing Pokemon Go. It is definitely an experience within itself when being included in an augmented and virtual reality by a business. Also the visuals utilised in your pitch were really helpful in understanding your topic to a new extent!

    Combing VR and AR into the concept of shopping relates to the current times with technology, and I definitely think it is something we will see more of in businesses. A cool concept you could look into is maybe including a short summary of your personal experiences with VR and AR in shopping. Maybe for each video essay at the end, you can provide your personal experiences after analysing a VR and AR platform in the world of shopping? I think it would be a really cool aspect to see your posts have a little review of your thoughts and opinions about a specific business that has to do with shopping and see how businesses are utilising AR and VR. If you think this may interest you, I researched businesses that reflect with your DA that you may want to write about or look at in general to see how different businesses are utilising VR and AR in shopping. This article titled “6 use cases of brands applying VR to their business strategies” provides insight into the businesses that have utilised AR and VR in their business It would be really cool to see your thoughts about various businesses AR and VR platforms in your video essays. You will be able to see if if what you discussed changes in the short and medium term goal which you have set. You can see if the platform which you wrote about gets better, worse or sky rockets in success! An interesting aspect I had found in this article was about Natuzzi Italia. Natuzzi is an Italian furniture brand that has utilised AR and VR to display its products. They utilise VR and AR in a showroom to portray to their customers what the furniture they may buy could look like in their homes. Here is a quick video that was presented for Natuzzi

    Great job on your pitch and your DA project, Looking forward to seeing this projects work in the coming weeks!


  3. Hey Alicia!!!

    I love so many things about this pitch, firstly the design of your presentation looks absolutely gorgeous and the colours compliment each other a lot!!! I also love how you always outline your schedule, I’ve noticed this in a few of our other subjects we have done together and it’s always looks really good and thorough. I also really appreciate that you have put in the presentation slides into the blogposts as well so we can just flick through them without having to rewatch the video!

    Secondly, I really like the idea of your digital artefact it definitely focuses on the future of AR / VR which is something I am really interested in seeing how it all unfolds and how it will change in the future. Your video actually sparked a thought from a few movies I have watched, in particular I’m sure you’re aware of the movie clueless and how she uses technology to generate an outfit.

    Here is the video:

    One of the interesting things about this form of technology is I personally would use it and I would love if in your research you could reflect on this too. A question you could think about is would I use this technology? How could this technology disrupt what we do already? This technology would definitely make our lives a lot easier to create and plan outfits and it would save so much time as well.

    So far, you have a really good foundation to build off for the rest of the semester especially your background research. I wanted to give you some more links that may help you further with this starting with a few tips & tricks for video essays just in case you needed them (I’m sure you don’t but it’s always helpful anyway).

    Youtube Video I found interesting researching: How VR and AR will Impact the Fashion Industry:
    I thought this video would be a good help in giving you some research into how it will disrupt and impact what we do already! Because at the end of the day, technology is meant to disrupt the world it just depends if the impacts are beneficial or not.

    Something interesting I found as well, was an article written by Samsung which I definitely think you should have a look at:
    This article was interesting because it discusses how it will improve the shopping experience and the future of shopping in general!

    The last article I wanted to share was this journal article about the future of VR and augmented reality. I definitely think because of COVID this technology will be something that will be out in the next 10 or so year in my opinion as it is hard to shop nowadays without the worry of COVID.

    I hope this feedback helps!! I’m definitely excited to see this project unfold! Have a great day,



  4. Hey Alicia!

    I really enjoyed your pitch video, your idea was clear and precise in its presentation! You seem to already have great experience with video editing that will come in handy making your video essay series.

    Although your video was quite fast paced, having the slides embedded in your blog post made it super useful and helpful in being able to go back through your pitch and gain a better understanding.

    In your pitch you had stated that your Audience is aimed towards industry professionals. I’m assuming your video essays will be posted on Youtube so I suggest to definitely link relevant tags when uploading your videos. To further reach audiences and gain more feedback, I think it would be great to share your videos via twitter as there are many other BCM students focusing on a similar topic and you could converse and share ideas, thoughts and information that you have all discovered from your research. Another idea is you could even engage in subreddits in order to gain more information and reflect on your interactions in your videos to further your research and findings.

    I came across this website that goes into detail about how AR has been enhancing the customer experience and links to many different videos of brands such as Lacoste, Charlotte Tilbury and Adidas demonstrating their customer’s experiences with their AR technology

    During COVID, I was guilty of a lot of online shopping. Before COVID, if I was unsure about an item, I would try and find the item in-store to try it on. During lockdown where going out shopping was not an option, there were many instances during where I had purchased an item I had to return as it didn’t suit me or just wasn’t what I had imagined. This is where the development of VR and AR in online shopping is extremely useful, especially if more brands were to be on board, as during these kind of situations, it provides customers the ability to be able to see the items in detail before purchasing.

    It’s interesting looking at the pros and cons of VR for eCommerce brands and sites. Could it work for the whole of the industry? I did manage to find this article that discusses VR and AR in eCommerce – it mainly raises questions about the ‘near’ future rather than the far. It looks into whether things like VR and AR are a smart investment for businesses going forward!

    Excited to see your DA develop!


  5. Hey Alicia, love the way you’ve arranged your blog post. The pitch is made clear and easily understandable. I commend you on your way to include the FIST principle into your digital artefact. Something which is fast, cheap and simple allows for the option to change or expand your digital artefact to your desire. Your project timeline well thought out and you have made plenty of space for all three of your videos. I myself have an interest in fashion, in particular vintage fashion, which will only become increasingly popular with the increase in technology.

    I noticed that in undertaking your artefact you will complete three video essays. Video essays are used to put forward your argument and is a good option for your artefact. I found an interesting article which showcases some of the best video essays of 2020. It also lists the key components on what makes video essays so successful and why the good ones stand out. These components include making the essay scripted and including a thesis which concerns the impact of the subject matter.

    I also found a video on the impact of VR and AR towards the fashion industry which may help you research your topic within your digital artefact a little bit more. The video talks about looking at the phone as a ‘monocle’. By this the video talks about how technology will be embedded into the ways in which we view and see fashion. This included the potential for everyday glasses becoming used as a virtual reality headset, allowing customers to picture what clothes look like in the comfort of their own home.


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